Sodium Sulfide


Chinese name: sodium sulfide.

Don't say: anhydrous sodium sulphide, yellow flake base.

Chemical formula: Na2S

Molecular weight: 78.04

Sodium sulfide: also known as smelly soda, stinky soda, yellow alkali, sulphide. Sodium sulfide is an inorganic compound and pure sodium sulfide is a colorless crystalline powder. Strong moisture absorption, easy to dissolve in water. The aqueous solution has a strong alkaline reaction. It burns when it touches skin and hair. So sodium sulfide is commonly known as the sulfate base. Sodium sulphide aqueous solution will slowly oxidize to sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium sulfate and sodium polysulfide in the air. Due to the rapid formation of sodium thiosulfate, the main product of oxidation is sodium thiosulfate. The sodium sulfide is dissolved in the air and is carbonated and metamorphosed, releasing hydrogen sulfide gas continuously. Industrial sodium sulfide is pink, brown-red, and yellow with impurities. Specific gravity, melting point and boiling point are also affected by impurities. 

Physical properties: the pure products at normal temperature are colorless or slightly purple prismatic crystals, and industrial products are usually pink, brown and yellow in color. It stinks. Dissolved in cold water, easily soluble in hot water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Industrial products are usually mixed with different kinds of crystal water, and they contain different levels of impurities. Besides appearance and color, the density and boiling point are also affected by impurities.

Chemical properties: hydrogen sulfide occurs in acid decomposition. In the air, the deliquescence is gradually oxidized, and hydrogen sulfide is produced by acid.

Hit, hot and explosive. Toxic hydrogen sulfide gas is found in acid, and no water sulfide is flammable.

Health hazard: this product can decompose hydrogen sulfide in the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause hydrogen sulfide poisoning after oral administration. It has a corrosive effect on skin and eyes.

Hazard property: an explosion may occur by impact or rapid heating. Acid decomposition, the release of highly toxic flammable gas.

Combustion (decomposition) product: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxide.

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